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Our Mission and operating principles include the following:

  • The identification and publication of our DNA is the touchstone for our association, it tells us who we are and what we are and will continue to be our guiding principle and mantra
  • We are committed to establishing an Internationally recognised Educational Pinnacle together with a structured pathway to ascend to that pinnacle

Delivering on these requires a special emphasis on Education.

Our focus on Education is targeted to the following:

  • MBA – We promote the pursuit of excellence through our iCCPMBA, the unique combination of an internationally recognised MBA combined with the AICDP Dynamics programme.
  • Attitude & Behaviour – An area in which all of our  members place significant importance, we emphasise the skills and behaviours that our members require
  • Dynamics – Expert Mentoring is a key aspect of our Dynamics programme, designed to hand on the experiences and learning of our significant pool of domain experts to emerging and existing Directors/Executives.
  • Partner programmes – We promote, and cooperate with, Institutes and organisations providing recognised training that fits to our DNA profile.

No single organisation has the monopoly on the perfect training for International Directors. We play our part in recognising that cooperation with other organisations will lead to improved solutions and we constantly seek to raise the bar in what those solutions consist of. Our considerable pool of expertise in our own membership presents a challenge to all of us to work together to create the Global Framework for Education for Credit Management.